First Makey Makey Activity Added

Monday 18 December 2017

With only limited to no experience with Scratch programming and a Makey Makey kit you can engage your students by having them create an interactive poster board. This project works for a variety of cross curricular situations and I've seen it used for students ranging from grades 4-12.

When I first had the chance to use a Makey Makey I thought that it was an incredibly interesting device that must have a lot of applications in the classroom. The challenge I faced was that I didn't to develop some activity that could allow me to use a Makey Makey without it being some sort of gimmmick.

This was when I got the idea to have students make a poster board with interactive buttons so that when someone pressed the buttons on the board it would read aloud a script that the student had recorded. I could then use this activity in lieu of other research activities for topics that don't lend themselves well to lab activities. By doing this the students could still get a hands on construction project, touch on technology outcomes and have fun doing a different sort of data display.

Since my classes have first started making these interactive poster boards we've found plenty of opportunities to extend the original project and build some truly imaginative creations.

Check out the link on the side of the page to check out the step by step instructions on how you can start building interactive poster boards with your own students right away.