New Wave Worksheets

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Check out the latest collection of wave worksheets designed for the Physics 11 curriculum. Periods, frequencies and velocities, oh my!

I've been working on creating a new set of worksheets for the waves unit of the Physics 11 curriculum.

The latest batch will have four different worksheets. The first is a period and frequency worksheet, the second uses the Universal Wave Equation to introduce velocity into the mix. I was interested in making some sound specific or electromagnetic wave specific worksheets so those might be a thing in the future, or I may just add them in as an extension to these worksheets in a future update.

It took a bit longer to create the worksheets for the index of refraction calculations and Snell's Law. The joys of randomly generated numbers for situations where there are no solutions. Pretty sure they are completely debugged at this point however and I have left some situations where students will not be able to solve an answer using Snell's law and they will have to recognize that it is a situation of total internal reflection.

Looking at how these worksheets are performming I would say that there is a good chance that I should be able to scale up the difficulty which would give the option of selecting an approriate sheet as students progress. It also shouldn't be too difficult to create a "mixed" sheet which will randomly select questions from related topics.