New Science 10 Motion Worksheet

Thursday 28 December 2017

My worksheet that got things rolling. I had originally created this motion worksheet in Scratch as a complement to an activity that my students were working on where they had to have Scratch solve a math problem. After a bit of tweaking I decided it would be more fun to write the worksheet to run in a web page instead of the Scratch application, and here's the result.

The idea behind this worksheet was to generate an endless supply of practice problems that students could work through. Due to a CRAZY amount of pressure from my own students, it was demanded that any sheets I create need answer keys at the bottom. I know, I know, an answer key!? Yet here I am making sheets that have answers keys just as requested.

I'm hoping to write future updates to this worksheet which will increase the difficulty either by adding longer narratives or mixing units.

It makes sense to make more of this style of worksheet for Science 10 as eventually I want these worksheets to transition right into the appropriate difficulty for my Physics worksheets. These Science 10 sheets can also serve as a nice refresher for students who are just getting started in Physics 11.

Motion Introduction Worksheet