Working in a Winter Wonderland

Tuesday 16 January 2018

I had the distinct pleasure of heading outside today and shovelling myself out. Every time I do this I can't help but calculate the total volume of snow that I'm moving and wondering just how many tons of materials I've actually displaced. The site has seen a lot of updates in the last couple weeks and I've been very pleased with the progress. Our Facebook page is live and will be updating as new resources are added to the site. Feel free to follow us.

The last few weeks I've been trying to get the thermochemistry section live and so far I'm quite pleased. I've been able to generate worksheets for specific heat capactiy and enthalpy although Hess's Law still eludes me. The trick has been trying to generate random chemical equations that still make sense. Once I'm able to do that, I can see a lot of stoichiometry in the near future.

I also took the time today due to the storm to try my hand at creating a math worksheet. So there is a new math resource available for applications of quadratics. If it goes well it's likely that I'll be able to start creating more. I'm a big fan of the varied word problems since there always seems to be a shortage of that style of question. Just generating the numbers isn't that tough and if I don't want an answer key it would be even easier. All the same I think all of my future sheets will follow the model of answer keys always being available.

With all of the resources now available I've also been busy testing for glitches and I appreciate everyone who's pointed out weird happenings to me. Sometimes it can take hundreds of questions to be generated before I find one of the weird little bugs so I always appreciate that help. On that note, with the Facebook page live for anyone using the site there is something that you can do to help out. Start off by following us on Facebook.

Now that you're following our site on Facebook there are two ways that you can help us out. The first is that you can report any errors that you find. The best way to do this is just send a message on Facebook where you've copied the question and the matching answer along with which sheet you were working on at the time. It will be taken care of ASAP. By helping with quality control, you're helping us to deliver quality.

The second way that you can help right now is SUGGESTIONS! Is there a specific resource that you are looking for? Need a certain style of worksheet or a certain type of problem. Let us know! We can add it to the upcoming resources and you might see it on the workshop before you know it! So whether you are a student looking to get some extra exam practice or a teacher trying to plan for the upcoming semester, don't be shy to message because we'd love to hear from you.

Specific Heat Capacity

Enthalpy of Formation

Work Energy Theorem

Quadratic Applications