Loads of New Physics and Chemistry Worksheets

Tuesday 2 January 2018

It's been a super productive break over the holidays and I was able to create a whole bunch of new worksheets. Found all sorts of new JavaScript challenges which kept me busy but I loved every moment of it. Check out some of the details on the latest additions found in the Resources section.

Now that I've got a handle on creating the physics 11 wave worksheets I decided it was time to try my hand on some of the physics 12 torque and static equilibrium topics. I was most proud of how the static equilibrium worksheets will load images and edit the images randomly to generate new questions. It probably took most of my time getting this working correctly but now that it does I should be able to apply that experience to all sorts of physics diagrams.

The chemistry worksheets including science 10 naming worksheets as well as some basic chemistry 11 introductory stoichiometry. The site can now generate an endless supply of properly balanced compounds, named properly, and it will even calculate the molar mass of the compound. These updates should provide the ground work so that I can start to create more complicated stoichiometry worksheets such as limiting reactants and percent yield.

Christmas break ends today and I get the excitement of being back in a classroom tomorrow! I'm hoping that this weekend I will get the chance to continue to update the physics resources so that I will have a large collection of available physics 12 resources before February. My priority is going to be net force, vectors and circular motion. Projectile questions seem to be readily available and easy to create so I can hold a little longer on those but I have some good ideas for them later on.

The other style of worksheet I would like to try and create although it might take a little while to get around to it, is a Number Sense style of question. Rather than straight up equation and calculation practice it would be fun to make a worksheet that works off of ratios only. This seems to lend itself well either to the waves unit or perhaps Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation from physics 12.

I also added a new sorting option in the Resources section. It's pretty basic right now since I don't have a let of resources yet but as I get more I'm hoping to add subcategories to help it sort down exactly what you are looking for. ^_^

Static Equilibrium


Atoms, Molecules and Moles

Molar Mass