About Mr. Wilson

I'm an educator with a background in chemistry and mathematics and a masters in educational leadership. I'm one of those people who if you put forward a problem that's really tough to solve, I have to stop everything that I'm doing to start working on a solution. I love getting side tracked because that's usually where the best learning takes place.

With over a decade of classroom experience now there's a few things that I've learned which guide my practices. Children inherently love to learn! You can tell this by watching a 3 year old ask perpetual questions until they drive you out of your mind. The trick is giving just enough strange and random deviations to pique curiosity and have students drive their own learning. Nothing is more exciting than having a group of high school students fire an endless barrage of questions about something that just got them excited to learn.

I really hope that by creating Workshop 49 I will have the opportunity to help out others by providing resources and activities that will make a difference in day to day classrooms. I love discussing educational theories and dreams of how to enrich learning experiences but I also dream of pragmatic and realistic solutions to help educators spend more time being creative and less time developing activities.


I love talking with like minded individuals who have a passion for education and discovery. Do you have a suggestion for a new project to attempt or maybe further questions about one my projects? Have a suggestion about something that I could add to the site? Or maybe, you've tried one of the ideas that I discussed and you just want to let me know how it went with your own students. If you have ideas you would like to discuss with me then it would make my day to hear from you.