What’s Going On at Workshop49



Lots!  Our youtube channel has been growing and we are now over 30 videos.  Topics range from Math, Chemistry and Physics, however I have some great ideas for some upcoming Biology videos and I can’t wait to share them with everyone soon.



Many new Precal worksheets added and that section is growing quickly.  An icy day when I couldn’t go outside was exactly what I needed to find the time to make that happen.  There are some links on the right so you can check out what is new.


We Reached 30 Subscribers

I am always a fan of goals and benchmarks, and I’ve worked on online projects before.  In the past I have surpassed 50 subscribers for one of my projects, so that will be my first large goal, however if I truly want to stomp that goal and put it into it’s place, I want to surpass 100 subscribers.

With online videos it is easier to see how often the resources are being used.  When worksheets are being printed off I sometimes hear remarks but otherwise I don’t get that immediate feedback.

Feedback is always inspiring though!  <3


What To Expect


My current goal is filling out the precal section.  As I continue to adjust my physics worksheets I feel that most units have ample resources to help out a class seeking some extra practice.  Chemistry is adorable for making up questions procedurally because they often require balanced chemical equations.  


My brain is still chugging away at how I can make those predictions and still have questions randomly appear that are valid.  A good challenge is a lot of fun though.



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