Youtube Updates


Feeling very accomplished tonight.  After getting some feedback on the sound quality of my videos I was able to make some improvements and I personally feel that the results were worth the effort.

The latest batch of Youtube videos are certainly a league above the previous ones.

However, I tend to feel that way about all tasks that I take on.  Always trying to improve so that when I look back at myself I can always be in awe at how inexperienced I was at completing a task compared to where I am at now.


Quadratic Word Problems


Well do to a request I put together three new sets of quadratic word problems which can all be found on Youtube as of tonight included in the Math 11 playlist.

Yes I also took the time tonight to group the videos into playlists so that it is easier to find content related to videos that folks have already been watching.

Be sure to check out the new Quadratic videos!!!





I hope that you enjoy these examples of types of quadratic word problems.  They are explored through a math 11 lens.  Expect to see some of these topics show up again in my Physics videos however we may examine them from a different angle.


Keep up the Suggestions


Keep on keeping on with those suggestions.  My reasons for starting these videos was to be supportive and help out as much as I can, so when given requests I get really excited to help out.

Going to see if I can find some way to better give updates on new Youtube videos that are getting posted rather than posting links.  We will see what can be done about that.

Feel free to let me know any opinions on the new sound quality.  ^_^


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